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Years of experience in the largest companies in Brazil

We continuously challenge the business status quo to unlock the potential of our clients, who operate in various industries.

Our roots in Strategic Consulting, combined with our expertise in Advanced Analytics, AI, and Big Data, allow us to generate insights for data-driven decisions that leverage value generation and bring a competitive advantage.

We use our capacity and knowledge, along with the client’s practice, always with transparency and confidence, to better understand their needs and present executable solutions. We employ various technologies to solve complex problems and deliver solid results in diverse areas where insights can be extracted from data, whether in increasing sales, improving margins, risk management, cost optimization, investments, and increased productivity.

Consulting Services

Data intelligence applied to transform and develop your business.

With the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and market knowledge, we create multivariate algorithms that generate predictive analyses for products and services, their geographic occurrence, and seasonality. We delve into the particularities of different industries and provide advice on obtaining and processing the necessary data for analysis and deep dive. Our approach focuses on each sector’s most relevant metrics and aims to visualize insights clearly and objectively.

Understanding market demands, we unlock sales potential through optimized product assortments, cross-sell strategies, and dynamic pricing based on iterative optimization algorithms. We support the implementation of segmented promotion strategies to maximize revenue and profit. Our methodologies measure price elasticity and customer segmentation to obtain effective results.

We know that understanding your customers is crucial to their loyalty. We use Machine Learning (ML) to cluster your customer base and obtain insights on budget and product allocation, B2B and B2C channels, and marketing campaigns focused on improving the user experience. Our approach allows for personalized actions for each customer segment, increasing the effectiveness of marketing strategies and customer satisfaction.

Improving your customer experience is critical to the success of any business. We use our expertise in the customer journey and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to develop applications that quantify and maximize lifetime value by modeling customer acquisition and retention feasibility while minimizing churn. With our customized solutions, you can improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue and ensure the long-term sustainability of your business.

To achieve efficiency in the logistics and supply chain process, meeting deadlines with minimal costs is necessary. We use Advanced Analytics to optimize operations, resulting in more efficient fleets of vehicles and routes, redefinition of the logistics networks, valid inventory policy based on demand forecasting and simulations, and supplier management. Our approach allows us to improve supply chain performance, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Digitalization has become essential throughout the financial sector chain with the advent of the decentralized economy. We assist financial institutions on their digital transformation journey, utilizing our expertise in Advanced Analytics to develop custom algorithms that use Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Big Data solutions applied to credit and market risk, collection, and pricing, among others. With our solutions, you will be able to improve decision-making, reduce risks and increase the efficiency of your business.

Our Working

Implement technology to achieve gains and generate short-term results

Develop the client to become data-driven

Build the necessary structures with the client to ensure the business's longevity, including technology, people, and processes

We Are

Our DNA is composed of:

Culture of Strategic Consulting

We ask the right questions and keep the focus on the client’s objectives

Expertise in Machine Learning

Team of data scientists specialized in Machine Learning, Decision Science, and Big Data.

Business Vision

Own methodology for problem-solving in various sectors and business areas.

ADVISIA Analytics is a consulting firm specializing in Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning (ML), and Big Data. We support our clients in transforming data into better business decisions, establishing real competitive advantages, and institutionalizing a data-driven management culture.

We are a team of top-notch professionals, experts in data analytics, and trained to develop sophisticated solutions in partnership with our clients. We create long-term value by offering customized solutions and transferring technology to our clients. We are committed to ensuring the success and longevity of our client’s businesses.


Technology is the leading way to achieve results and competitive advantage. The ability to turn data into insights for the best business decisions is essential for increasing the efficiency and growth of companies.

Our goal is to support the leveraging of the implementation and operationalization of the use of data and analytics. We aim to meet our client’s expectations through a prosperous journey by recommending the best solutions. 

We are constantly committed to being at the forefront of technology applied to business, the best shortcut for your company’s digital transformation.

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Count on our team of experts to achieve the digital transformation of your company

ADVISIA Analytics

Count on our team of experts to achieve the digital transformation of your company.

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